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Bigme stylus with eraser - 2023 model

Bigme stylus with eraser - 2023 model

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Bigme has just released their first new stylus of the year. This pen was initially bundled in the Bigme B2, which is student tablet, geared towards the Chinese Educational market. The pen that came with it, is all new, and available to order on its own. This stylus is made of hardened plastic and as a eraser button on the top, to correct mistakes. There is a side button that can do highlights. The nibs are made of felt, which provides a nice writing experience on glass screens. There is 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity.

This pen is compatible with all WACOM screens from Bigme, Onyx Boox, Meebook and other major brands.

  • 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Side button
  • Rear eraser button
  • Felt graphite tip composite
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