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Bigme Carve - 10.3 Black and White E-note with English

Bigme Carve - 10.3 Black and White E-note with English

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Carve (black and white) is the flagship product of the "Enjoyment Edition" of the Bigme 10.3-inch series. It breaks through the inherent appearance and performance of the existing 10.3-inch series, and adds more elements that highlight the noble temperament and identity. The metal texture overflows beyond the screen, and it is full of high-level sense. The appearance, temperament, and functions are fully expanded, making it the ultimate choice.

The design of the Carve has achieved the latest breakthrough on the original basis. The metal texture is full, the front is just in the end, the material adopts the classic aluminum alloy CNC process, aerospace-grade technical quality, with a sturdy and durable glass back plate, high-end feeling full, feel , The texture is full of explosions.

Carve uses more high-end materials, but is thinner: it has been slimmed down from the original 7.7mm to a slim body of 6.3mm, which is more comfortable to hold in the hand.

As a 10.3-inch "breakthrough", Carve exudes a noble atmosphere from the outside in: the industry's latest Android 11 open system is equipped with a quad-core A551.8GHZ high-energy chip, 4GB+128GB of super-large memory, plus breakthroughs For the first time, it adopts the fingerprint recognition technology that the power button and the fingerprint are combined into one, the TF card slot design, and the magnetic leather leather case.

in addition to retaining the inherent smart office attributes of the existing 10.3-inch B1 series smart office notebooks—voice transcription, role separation, handwriting-to-text, paper-like writing, eye-protecting reading, full-format handwriting, and global handwriting, Carve innovatively increases Fingerprint recognition, TF card slot, magnetic leather holster and other functions with their own noble attributes can be said to make the strong stronger and even more powerful.

Carve is equipped with the latest Android 11 open system, and supports the installation of a large number of books and third-party applications at will, WeChat reading, Jingdong reading, Kindle reading... No longer worry about no resources. 1404*1872 resolution, more Clearer and more eye-friendly.

Carve is also equipped with a 4096 pressure-sensitive smart electromagnetic pen exclusive to Bigme smart office notebooks. The pen feels smooth and flows smoothly. The rustling sound of the pen is infinitely close to the writing experience on real paper.

The global handwriting patented handwriting technology perfectly solves the problem of smooth writing on third-party applications and APPs. It truly achieves writing when you pick up the pen, fluently and freely, and extremely follow your hand, just like handwriting on the writing application that comes with Bigme.

Full-format handwriting, supports handwriting in more than a dozen mainstream formats such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, FB2, AZW3, etc., and takes notes and comments at your fingertips.

Carve Smart Office can record meetings and organize the recordings into text in real time, with an accuracy rate of over 98%, saving a lot of time and energy in meeting recordings. At the same time, it supports 27 dialects in the country and more than 20 international languages ​​in the world, and can be automatically translated into the required language.

Carve also continues the high-efficiency transmission mode of Bigme WIFI book transmission and greatly enhances it. It supports fast mutual transmission between Carve and computers and mobile phones. Real-time operation is fast and in place, seamless connection is more efficient, and it is no longer limited by data lines. . The smart office tool "Cloud Read and Write APP" can realize the rapid synchronization of mobile phones and smart office notebooks anytime, anywhere. In addition, there are more powerful transmission methods such as QR code sharing and verification code sharing, which can be described as "all roads lead to Rome". , to efficiently realize the comprehensive interconnection of smart office notebooks with computers and mobile phones.

This device has Google Android 11 and will soon have Google Play as a free over the air update. You will be able to browse millions of free and paid apps. Google Play will automatically install during the installation process and all users have to do is sign-in to their Google Account. This device also has English, so it is very appealing towards a huge demographic. 

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