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Bigme X6 - 13.3 inch e-note with English

Bigme X6 - 13.3 inch e-note with English

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Display: E INK Carta HD
Screen Size: 13.3
Display Resolution:2200×1650
B&W PPI: 207
WACOM Active Digitizer: Yes
Front Light – Yes
Color Temperature – Yes
Processor – Octacore 2.3 GHZ
Internal Storage:128GB
Physical Page Turn Buttons: No
MicroSD: No

Operating System: Android 11
Digital Pen:Yes
Data Connector:USB-C
Bluetooth: Yes
Waterproof: No
Audio: Yes

Dimensions: 306.5x230x7.9mm and weighs 676 g or 1.49 LBS


X6 is Bigme's first 13.3-inch super-smart office notebook, and it is also the "biggest work" of this year's grand finale, marking Bigme's official entry into the era of big-screen "aircraft carriers", becoming bigger and stronger.

The X6 is more shocking in appearance, and the large-screen design equidistant from the outer frame looks more powerful and self-contained. In terms of configuration, it directly pulls the ceiling, top grid design, octa-core 2.3GHZ, 6GB+128GB super storage combination, equipped with the latest Android 11 open system, supports fingerprint and OTG expansion, built-in dual microphones for efficient sound pickup, standard and efficient Smart electromagnetic pen, powerful and ready to come out.

The 13.3-inch large ink screen is comparable to the size of A4 paper. It has a wide enough field of view for both office work and reading. It can perfectly display various types of documents with complex layouts, and at the same time reduce the frequency of frequent page turning, which is called "eye protection" Edition" tablet. The four dual-opening mode applications are more useful, efficient and convenient, and at will.

Using E-ink's new 13.3-inch V450 high-definition ink screen, the black and white contrast ratio is more obvious. Under the same conditions, the background color is whiter, the text is blacker, and the display is clearer. The 36-level headlight is adjusted in real time, making the display more outstanding.

The X6's top chip and large capacity create a more comfortable experience for the office. It is not only faster, but also more. You can install as many as you want. On the large screen, you can double-open documents, double-open notes, and double-open translation. Mode, efficient and convenient, ultra-sensitive gravity sensing, any rotation can quickly adapt to comfortable office and reading directions.

Full-format handwriting, X6 also supports handwriting in more than a dozen mainstream formats such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, FB2, AZW3, etc. It is easy to take notes and make comments. For professional-level and complex documents with large layout and complex typesetting, X6 easily supports the presentation of original versions in various formats, enjoying the "authentic" reading pleasure and higher efficiency.

It is also equipped with Bigme's exclusive magnetic smart remote control pen, whether it is handwriting or remote voice control, it can be retracted freely. For example, page turning, sleep wake-up, front light switch and custom button functions can all be easily completed by the smart remote control pen. At the same time, you can also enter the voice remote control mode with one key, including new meeting minutes, hand notes, opening APX6P, screenshots, etc. It is very convenient. The smart remote control pen can be directly attached to the leather case when it is not in use.

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