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Bigme S3 Color - 7.8 inch e-reader

Bigme S3 Color - 7.8 inch e-reader

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Display: E INK Kaleido 2 and E INK Carta HD
Screen Size: 7.8
Resolution: 1872×1404
PPI: 300
WACOM Active Digitizer: Yes
Front Light – Yes
Color Temperature – No
Processor:Quadcore 1.8 GHZ
Internal Storage:32GB
Physical Page Turn Buttons: No
Micro SD: No

Operating System: Android 8.1
Battery:2,000 mAh
Digital Pen: Yes
Data Connector:USB-C OTG
Bluetooth: 5
Waterproof: No
Audio: Bluetooth
Voice: dual microphones

Weight: 260g

The Bigme S3 Color is using a second genertion E INK Kaleido e-paper, which can display more colors and higher accuracy. This device comes with a stylus and you can take notes or freehand draw. This is also an Android 8.1 driven e-reader, which has ebook reading software, but also allows you to install your own apps.

The Bigme S3 features an E INK Carta HD and E INK Kaleido 2 CFA. The resolution of the black and white screen is 1872x1404 with 300 PPI and the color screen is 624x468 with 100 PPI. It has a front-lit display to read at night and around 18 white LED lights.

Underneath the hood is an quadcore 1.82Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It uses USB-C for connecting to devices and charge its 2000 mAh battery. It has a gravity sensor, dual microphone array and WIFI. Its dimensions are 190.8 x 135.8 x 6.3mm and the device weighs about 220g. It includes a pen that can be used for note-taking and drawing that also functions as a page turner.

This e-reader is running Google Android 8.1 and can sideload in apps. Although this device is a Chinese one, you can load in English apps.

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