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Bigme Pocket Note - 7 inch e-note with English

Bigme Pocket Note - 7 inch e-note with English

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If you don’t need a large screen, but only require a thin and portable, clear display, smooth operation and cost-effectiveness, then I strongly recommend PocketNote, a new friend, Bigme’s first 7-inch smart office notebook, which is thinner and more portable.

PocketNote uses a high-performance quad-core 1.8GHz processor, 2G+32G storage configuration, is also equipped with Android open system, 36-level front light adjustment, intelligent office applications, mainstream reading APPs, comic APPs, listening books APP, all can Take it easy. The resolution is as high as 300PPi, and the content is displayed clearly and delicately. Whether reading or working, the experience is beyond imagination.

PocketNote's black and white contrasting color body design makes the whole machine look delicate and eye-catching, making people hold it in their hands and can't bear to let go. The 7-inch size is as portable and thin as a mobile phone, which is very convenient for business trips or travel.

PocketNote comes standard with a capacitive pen that supports handwriting, supports OTG expansion space, built-in dual microphones to pick up voice, B1 series inherent smart office attributes - voice transcription, role separation, handwriting to text, paper-like writing, eye protection reading, full-format handwriting , global handwriting, etc. are quite a lot, the real cost-effective choice.

Except for PocketNote, the other new products of Eight Arrows are equipped with Bigme's exclusive magnetic suction smart remote control pen, which can be freely retracted whether it is handwriting or remote voice remote control. For example, page turning, wake-up from sleep, front light switch and custom button functions can be easily completed through the smart remote pen. At the same time, you can also enter the voice remote control mode with one key, including creating meeting minutes, keeping track, opening APP, taking screenshots, etc. It is very convenient, and the smart remote pen can be directly attached to the leather case when not in use.


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