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Bigme B1 Pro Max+ Color - 10.3 E-Note with Kaleido Plus with English

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If you are a super enthusiast of color ink screen products, then this B1 Max+ Color must not be missed! It is definitely a gospel for color comic lovers. The octa-core 2.3GHZ high-energy chip and 6GB of RAM and 128GB of super large storage will house your entire PDF and book collections.  It is equipped with the "Android11 ​​open system. You can build it how you want. The mainstream reading APP, comic APP, and listening APP are all no problem. Professional-grade literature, academic materials and PDF documents. This model supports English.

There is a front-lit display and Color temperature system with 36 LED lights.  The screen is flush with the bezel and protected by a layer of glass. It has a WACOM screen and comes with a free stylus that has 4,096 levels of pressure sensativity.

Faster and smoother color experience, the pinnacle of the latest generation E-ink New Kaleido Plus color screen and Bigme's own color optimization technology. Color comic videos, pictures, picture books, all experience, the color ink screen can also be so good. Multi-color notes and color annotations are more smooth to follow.

This device has Google Android 11 and will soon have Google Play as a free over the air update. You will be able to browse millions of free and paid apps. Google Play will automatically install during the installation process and all users have to do is sign-in to their Google Account. This device also has English, so it is very appealing towards a huge demographic. 

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